Norwegian Implementation

The Norwegian Public Road Administration is currently working on an implementation of the NeTEx standard for all national public transport. The goal of this project is to replace the national RegTopp-format, which has several limitations, with NeTEx and collect all public transport data in one national database. All data from this database will be made open to the public, both as a journey planner API and raw data, hence opening the possibilities for developing journey planner applications across the ~70 operators/counties providing data. Additionally, the project will provide a frontend for nationwide journey planning.

The project has recently published the first version of the Norwegian NeTEx-profile. It will be implemented by operators/counties in spring 2017, with the goal of gathering all stop place and time table data in NeTEx format starting in June 2017. In parallel the project continues to work on a Norwegian SIRI profile. In addition to this, there is work in progress aiming to also include fare data in NeTEx format in the future.

The project uses an open-source approach on all aspects of the project:

  • Network and timetable database – Chouette (
  • IFOPT-based national stop registry (own development – will be published on GitHub)
  • Search engine – Open Trip Planner (
  • Frontend Journey planner ( – based on the Finnish open source initiative

For further information and contact details, please follow the project website: (In Norwegian only).