Norwegian Implementation

Entur AS and The Norwegian Railway Directorate is currently working on the implementation of the NeTEx standard for all national public transport in Norway. The goal of this initiative is to fully incorporate NeTEx for all data exchange of public transport information across Norway and collect all public transport data in one national database. A similar approach is conducted for real-time data where all real-time feeds nationwide is exchanged on the SIRI protocol and collected in a national real-time proxie. All collected data will be open to the public, both as a journey planner API and open data. In addition, Entur AS will launch a national journey planner for all public transport in Norway.

As of November 2017, the first version of both the backend platform and journey planner is launched. The service covers national journey planning and basic ticketing for railways and the greater Oslo region. 5 of the ~25 major providers of public transport data exchange their data in NeTEx (the remaining on the old proprietary national format), expecting the majority of providers to exchange their data in NeTEx by the end of Q1-2018.

The project uses an open source/open data approach on all aspects of the backend platform:

The National Journey planner can be accessed here: (iOS & Android)

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